Having a Kinesiology Treatment?

What to expect

Roslyn will begin by asking you questions about your health, your history and what you want to gain from your session. Once the session begins Roslyn will use muscle monitoring to determine what you body needs. Most issues can be resolved quickly and easily but you may find that you benefit from having 'maintenance' sessions to help you to stay well and reduce stress on the body.

The great thing about Kinesiology is that it is non invasive. Generally you'll relax on a comfortable massage style table. The room can be heated or cooled to your preference and there is no need to remove clothing, although you will need to remove shoes. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing.

If its your first meeting with Roslyn, you'll need a little extra time for Roslyn to discuss your medical history with you.....

What to Bring

Allow extra time at your first Kinesiology visit to discuss all the things that are concerning you.

After your treatment

Although Kinesiology sessions generally leave you feeling balanced and refreshed, you should still be gentle on your body - particularly for the first 24 hours. Drink plenty of water, get some rest and allow your body time to integrate any changes or adjustments that have been made during your kinesiology session.




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