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Seams Away for Children

Roslyn Nixon - Wednesday, June 01, 2011

In the US they call them 'sweaters'. In Australia they call them 'jumpers'. Jumpers or sweaters they're itchy. Add a long sleeved tee and say goodbye to winter itches. Soft clothing is available at Seams Away.

Seams away www.seamsaway.com.au in Australia is the first and only range designed for children with sensory sensitivities (a common symptom of Autism, Aspergers and Sensory Processing Disorder).

As you know tags, seams, buttons, zips and certain textures can irritate many children to the point of distraction especially children who experience sensory sensitivity. All of the Soft Clothing is tag less, flat seamed and made with soft brushed and bio-washed cotton for children sizes 3-12.

At Health Potential we work with children with sensory sensitivities, environmental and food sensitivities.

For an appointment contact Ros.




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