Holistic Kinesiology in Hobart

Gentle, non invasive and drug free

Kinesiology uses a holistic picture of a person that draws from many different models.  It begins with our understanding of western medicine relating to the  reproductive, digestive and  respiratory system. On top of this knowledge is layered elements of traditional chinese medicine, specificially the concept of chi energy and its flow through the meridians of the body. As well as this kinesiology looks at the eastern approach of the etheric energy that we can't see but which moves through the chakras.Kinesiology also looks at the anthroposophical view which is based in all things being connected to each other.

In a kinesiologist view, the human body has a number of layers which move from the etheric to the aural to the body, the organs, the meridians and the energy centres.  The kinesiology view believe that issues that present in the body have an emotional, spiritual and physical realm.

When issues present in the body such as allergies, sleep disorders, sickness, or depression, the view of the kinesiologist is that these are simply presentation of symptoms that underly the greater issue of blocked energy. Sometimes these blockages simply need to be cleared but sometimes they need to be brought into consciousness so that past issues can be  moved through and resolved.

In todays world we surround ourselves with more and more toxic environments as we pursue profit at the cost of wellness. More people are struggling with health issues, sensitivities to food and chemicals, and we are finding it more and more difficult to find the time to renew our energy in nature.

Kinesiology gives us the means to be able to reinvigorate our bodies by clearing blocked chi energy using a number of different tools and techniques.



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