Good health is the key to your child's success

We all know that healthy active children are happier, do better at school, and socialise well. Sadly, underlying undiagnosed health issues can cause your child to lose concentration, feel tired and listless, and perform under their ability and even start behaving badly.

Benefits of Kinesiology for Children

Behavioural problems are common in little bodies that is under stress. For many children, making a few simple adjustments in your daily life can result in a significant improvement in their overall health and happiness. The benefit of kinesiology is that the types of issues that affect our children's health can be identified and treated safely using non invasive, drug free treatments. 


Simple and effective treatments to improve your child's health

With just a few regular treatments with a trained Kinesiology professional we can start to unravel some of the underlying conditions that may be causing your child to be unhappy. Because kinesiology is safe and non invasive, its the perfect tool to use to work with your child to get to the underlying health problem. With a background in occupational therapy, Roslyn has had years of experience treating childhood health and behaviour problems and knows how to engage with your child so that they feel comfortable during treatments.

In addition to kinesiology treatments, which are conducted in the clinic in Taroona, there are some additional tools that you can take home and use that have been found to be effective for overcoming learning difficulties, behaviour problems and sleep problems.




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