Applied Kinesiology

The natural, alternative choice for health and well-being.

Kinesiology is a safe, drug free non invasive treatment that is simple, effective and painless .  Kinesiology is effective for adults, children and babies. In children it enhances health, can improve concentration and learning ability, assist with balance, coordination, and behaviour. In adults Kinesiology can help with most health issues reduce stress and resolve conflicts in the body caused by allergies, diet or exhaustion.

Why is Kinesiology so effective?

Kinesiology uses precision muscle monitoring to communicate directly with the body and "bypass" what we think in our mind is the problem. By using muscle monitoring we can get a clear understanding of what is causing the problem that is manifesting discomfort in your body.

Kinesiology uses a range of complementary therapies and natural products to bring the body back into balance and heal the root cause of the problem.

The importance of children's health

Children's health and wellbeing is a primary concern.  Often children's behavioural problems are caused by their body/mind connection being in turmoil. At Health Potential we specialise in addressing childrens' needs, providing them with the tools to improve their concentration at school, de-stressing their bodies to help them to relax and improve behavioural problems, and addressing issues that are restricting their development. This can include resolving allergies and sensitivities, identifying toxic responses to their environment and helping them improve sleep patterns.

Taroona Clinic - Safe and Relaxed environment

Health Potential clinic is a relaxed and safe environment situated in Taroona. Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in their children's programs so they can continue to help them at home. After hours appointments, home visits and phone consultations are available.

International Alliance with Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT)

Health Potential has an international alliance with Advanced Brain Technologies (ABT). ABT have the latest neuroscience and music research available with The Listening Program sound therapy and Brain Builder for both children  and adults. ABT is continuing to develop innovative products which are the result of over 30 years of clinical research by experts in various fields.



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